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I have been completely obsessed with these Saint Laurent distressed chain denim jeans this season, but with a price tag of $2,100, I wasn’t about to break the bank over a pair of jeans I probably won’t wear next season. That said, I was determined to see if I would be able to recreate this look within my budget. What do you think?

Step 1: I found an old pair of jeans in my closet that I haven’t worn in ages. I figured if I ruined that pair it wouldn’t matter. Thankfully, that didn’t happen!
Step 2: I began marking the areas where I wanted the rips. I suggest doing this while you are wearing them as you will be able to gage exactly where you want the rips to go. A ruler and a sharpie definitely came in handy.
Step 3: Flip them inside out.
Step 4: Once the jeans were marked, I took them off and used a fabric scissor and began to cut horizontally.
Step 5: Once I was finished cutting each leg, I used a tweezer to pull out all the blue fabric to re-create a distressed look.
Step 6: I took the chains that I purchased from Michaels, you can purchase from any craft store, and measured across each hole.
Rather than sewing the chains onto the denim, which is more tedious, not to mention I can’t sew, I used jump rings, which can also be purchased at any craft or fabric store, to secure both ends of the chain. This is where pliers come in handy!