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What is your go to signature style?

My signature style is effortlessly chic. I don’t like anything too fussy, tend to gravitate to monochromatic colors, and live for heels. HIGH heels.

What are some of your favorite fashion brands?

Dream designer brands are Celine, Alexander Wang, and Balenciaga. I wear a LOT of denim and my go to’s are Wildfox Couture,  R13, Kova & T, and Rag & Bone. I also have plenty of Top Shop, H & M, and Zara in my closet! I carry my Goyard bag to and from E! Every. Single. Day. (Trying to save up for a new one. Obsessed.)

What are some of your must have items for fall (winter)?

I have been wearing my new Nike Flyknits to the ground! I have them in a few colors and have been rotating pretty frequently. I have a thin wool camel coat from Zara (last season) that I still wear on the regular.  I crave big cable knit sweaters and am loving this new aztec trend.


Who is your style icon?

Yikes can’t pick one! It’s a mix between Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn. I have to say Kim Kardashian has been KILLING it lately. Everything she wears these days I’m pretty sure I’d like to have in my closet.

 What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

If it doesn’t feel just right, take it off. This applies to being on tv as well. Sometimes I’m dressing in a hurry and I might hesitate about my dress or the fit or the color, but wear it anyway. I *always regret it. It effects my performance and then I see it later on television and want to kick myself. Why didn’t I listen to my gut?!!


Tell us about how you started working for E!? Was this your dream job?

I studied journalism in college and always new I wanted to be a TV host presenting entertainment news. I got my first full-time gig at a news station in San Francisco and gradually worked my way up after almost a decade of working insane hours on live television in local TV both there and in my hometown of Indianapolis.

 You’re a mom and a wife with a full time career. How do you find time to balance it all?

I don’t! No seriously, I have an incredibly full plate but I consider myself so fortunate. I have a circle of friends and family and with such a wonderful support network, somehow it all works out. There are a lot of group icalendar invites going around to make sure we all know where to be when – school, sports, dentist appoitments, Golden Globes, you know, things like that!


I’m OBSESSED with your body! You always look amazing and so toned. What is your workout regimen?

My work out regime isn’t very consistent and changes quite a bit. Last fall I ran my first half marathon. That was so fulfilling for many reasons but I’m still not addicted to running. I like it, but don’t love it. This year I’ve returned to what really brings my body into it’s best physical form and that is hands down, The Tracy Anderson Method. I’m not fancy, don’t go to the studio, but simply do the dvd’s at home.  It’s a mix of cardio dance and muscular structure work. This workout is the only thing that brings my butt north and tones my entire body head to toe. I do this about 3 times a week.  Aside from that, I have become quite a foodie in recent years. I rarely eat anything processed. My junk food is usually a killer cheese plate and a jalapeno margarita (or three)!

 Future projects coming up

Look for me on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this Sunday. I’ll be hosting E!’s Countdown to the Red Carpet show starting at 4p/E. Then I’ll be hosting E!’s Livestream from the Red Carpet at E Online beginning at 6p/E. You can continue to see me on E News weeknights, and hosting E News Weekend on Saturdays. I’ve also joined the panel on Live From E which airs Mondays at 8p/E. And finally, coming soon, my new website which will be launching February 1st.

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